Alongside its artist’s programme, Troy Town Art Pottery also offers intimate throwing and glazing courses aimed specifically at individuals with an interest in the crossover of fine art with traditional crafts, reduction firing, and traditional techniques. We are a small, friendly team who are adaptable to all skill sets.


Introduction to Throwing and Handbuilding:

Designed for complete beginners, in four weekly evening sessions you will learn the basics of working with clay on the wheel, and sculpturally, culminating in the production of your first wares which will be stoneware gas-fired and glazed with traditional Japanese glazes of your choice, which are produced in-house. 

Course specifics:

  • The course is 4 sessions long. Each session is £105. This includes all materials, glazes, protective clothing and gas firings.

  • Courses usually take place on Monday and Thursday evenings, though other dates are available.

  • All sessions are designed for close instruction, with no more than three students in the studio at any one time.

  • One-on-one courses are available, please enquire for further details.

Advanced Courses, Glazing Courses and Firing Courses:

We also offer bespoke courses for those who can already throw on the wheel to some degree. These courses focus around various advanced making techniques, the mixing and application of traditional British, Japanese, Korean and Chinese glazes for reduction firing, and the firing of the updraft gas kiln. These courses are for up to three students at a time and are designed according to the needs of the participants. The cost for these courses is £500 per person and these usually take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Kiln firing courses take place over two evening sessions and one 13-hour day session.

For more information on these courses please email